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About Us

In a world filled with people trying to
take advantage of the numerous outlets
of laws, regulations and loopholes, it is
good to know you have someone on
your side. We at Simpson Law Office
make sure you are well informed in
what’s going on around you. This
makes a better outcome and a well
informed client when we enter
proceedings, litigations, meetings and
signings. The more you know, the
more our case has a chance.
Signing Documents
We are here to fight for you but also to inform. We make sure you are well looked after, every step of the way and get you on the road with the knowledge to protect yourself. We have years of experience in Colorado and New Mexico and have represented clients in all manners from corporate law to estate planning and family law. You can trust our experience and our outlook on these cases have yielded excellent results for us and our clients.
If you have a current legal issue or wish to know what options you have regarding an ongoing case, please contact our offices. We look forward to helping resolve all of your legal issues.
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9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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